All Praise

SLC Mass Choir presents their debut album, entitled All Praise!

All Praise is a musical journey through a seamless blend of both contemporary and traditional gospel music. Despite an increased scarcity of simple catchy, yet powerful choir music across the industry, All Praise offers track after track of messages extending hope, proclaiming victory, and summoning the presence of God to rest on the lives of all who listen. A "timeless" project, a testament to the grace of God, and a refreshing addition to any true gospel music collection, All Praise delivers an unforgettable experience for all listeners.

The title track, "All Praise" invites listeners in with an energizing arrangement as the background to a simple message to give all praise to God. Rooted in scripture, listeners are encouraged to "bless the lord, oh my soul, and with everything in them." Followed by tracks "More Like Him" and "Caught Up" which both explode with an up tempo party vibe, granting the listener the chance to dance, shout, and clap, as they seek to have renewed minds while relishing in exuberant expectancy of being caught up to meet Jesus in the air. "More of Thee", a pure worship song, expressed through receptive hearts directly to God, requests more and more of his love, peace, power, and presence. "Great God" takes the listener to church, opening with the kind of organ intro familiar to Sunday mornings in many black churches.

This track undeniably proclaims the greatness of God and is steeped in reverence gratitude to of his faithfulness, even when undeserved. "In Your Presence" - a beautiful witness to the safety of abiding under God's shadow precedes "Changed"- a timeless classic by Walter Hawkins masterfully rendered by Coko Clemons of SWV. The album surprises listeners with the island feel conveyed in "Power In the Name of Jesus", a call and response song that unashamedly celebrates the name above all names. "Jesus Alone", a certified churchy track, provides the listener with an invitation and confirmed reservation to the ultimate praise break. The album wraps up with "Victory", a logical testimony to the choir's journey and a triumphant anthem that speaks to the sort of outcome believers have come to expect through Christ Jesus.

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